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Why ProGifts gift cards are the best for your employees and clients

After nearly twenty years in the business, ProGifts has proven itself to be one of the best gift card providers in the industry. If you are sending gift cards to employees and clients, you want it to be fast, easy and totally reliable. ProGifts is purpose-built with professionals in mind.

ProGifts is more both a shopping mall as well as a shop. You can choose whether you want to purchase a gift card from a single store or purchase a multicard which give the employee or client the option of selecting where to apply the gift card. The multicard gives the option of applying the gift to over 100 retailers on the ProGifts website from across the world. The recipient can apply the multicard physical stores such as Target, and Gap or virtual services like Uber, Xbox and Airbnb. This selection process makes the gift even more fun for the recipient.

ProGifts gives business owners what they want because it was designed for the commercial environment. Unlike some other providers, there is no need to sign up to long-term commitments and no minimum spend. An employer just needs to select the gift card, its value and enter the recipients’ details. There is no further engagement until you want to send another gift card.

Clients love the bulk send capability.In just a few minutes, you can complete your entire Holiday Season gift giving. With the extra time, ProGifts enables you to add a digital gift card to personalize the experience and enhance the warm feeling associated with the gift.

Well organized clients like to preorder cards. Instead of waiting until the last minute, you can go onto the ProGifts website and order all the cards today but arrange for them to be sent at a future time. There is always a lot to do before the holidays so scheduling all the gifts early can take that little bit of pressure off. It can also help outside the holidays for birthdays or work anniversaries of employees and clients.

The best element of working with ProGifts is the peace of mind. Having sent over one hundred million dollars in gift cards over the last two decades, you know that money spent with ProGifts will result in gifts reaching the hands of your employees and clients. With online support and cutting edge anti-fraud procedures, you can rest assured that ProGifts will make your gift giving stress free and put a smile on the face of your employees and clients.

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