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Tips for Holiday Gifts at work in 2023

Only a few weeks to the holidays so it is time to arrange gifts for employees and clients. Last week we addressed some of the gifts to avoid. This week, we are being more positive and providing some important rules to follow when giving gifts in a corporate environment. Our goal is to find the gift that boosts morale and strengthens bonds with your team or clients.

Making the most with corporate gifts

Even a simple gift can be elevated with a little thoughtful presentation. Fancy packaging brings a little sparkle to the gift, it can also be a good opportunity for you to discreetly add your corporate logo. A simple ribbon or quality packing box slightly adds to the overall price but it indicates that extra thought was involved in the gift. If it is the thought that counts, adding these additional thoughts makes a simple gift mean much more.

Given that corporate gifts are generally non-personal, it is important to add a personal edge to any gift you give. Add a short or creative digital greetingcard which refers to an experience you both shared. It may be a project you both worked on, a funny experience with a third party or a conference you both attended. A bit of ceremony when presenting the gift – whether in-person or online – including a few nice words also shows commitment to employees and clients. In many cases, it is better to add a personal touch to the delivery than the gift itself if you seek to elevate your holiday gift above the ordinary.

The impact of a gift is related to how useful it is so be sure your gift is received on time. Even a great holiday gift that arrives at a client in January looks sad and makes the sender look unprofessional. Similarly, when distributing gifts to employees, make sure there is time for them to use the gift. If it is a gift card, it should be received in time to spend on a holiday gift. If it is a winter fleece, the end of December may be too late in the season.

People value gifts that they will use. You may love Star Wars but there are many people that would not appreciate an original 1970s figurine. Think about it from the perspective of the employee or client. If you are not sure whether your gift idea has wide appeal, ask around. It will be worth it. An additional benefit of a useful gift is that they will associate you every time they use it.

One of the most common, and appreciated, gifts for employees and clients is a holiday gift card. In our next article, we will explore the best way to give gift cards for maximum appreciation.

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