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How to use Gift Cards during the 2023 Holiday Season

If you have not arranged Holiday Gifts for your employees or clients, you need to act fast. One option for a gift that is always appreciated and will arrive on time is a gift card. This article will guide you to successful, last-minute, gift giving this year. Gift Cards are a Win-Win

Gifts that are useful and flexible are great for employees and clients and very easy for you to arrange. Research conducted in 2023 shows that gift cards are the most-requested gift for the 16th year in a row and 87% of people feel appreciated when they receive one.

There are several types of gift cards available but the best are those that are more flexible and can be used at multiple retailers. These cards are a set value which can then be redeemed for a card at a retailer of choice so you do not have to anticipate which shop your employee or client wants to purchase from. A gift card from Walmart or Amazon offers broad choice but people spend money there every day. Unlike a cash bonus, a gift card gives your employee or client the right to spoil themselves on something they would not usually buy. A multicard can be converted into a voucher from Xbox, Airbnb, DoorDash or AMC Theatres. It is better for your client to associate you with a great night at the movies than with the purchase of dog food.

At any time, but especially so close to the holidays, the efficiency of gift cards is supreme. The ability to deliver physical or digital gift cards individually or across a database of employees or clients means that a task that may be arduous can be completed quite quickly. This time of year, is busy enough without having to embark on bespoke gift giving. You can use some of the tine you save to create a personalized digital greeting card or arrange more elaborate gift wrapping.

As discussed in previous articles, it can be difficult to thread the needle of a gift that people will enjoy and something that will not offend anyone. The gift card achieves this by giving the employee or client the freedom to choose their own gift. They get the double-thrill of, first, choosing the item and, second, receiving the gift. It is like the joy of planning a holiday and then going on it.

The best gift card websites enable you to provide a fully branded experience to your clients and even have it integrated into the company’s portal used by employees. When accompanied by a personal note or face-to-face delivery (in-person or online), the giving of a gift card can certainly boost your relationship with your employees and clients.

This holiday season, avoid the pitfalls and hit the high notes of gift giving by considering the most efficient, yet always appreciated option of gift cards to say goodbye to 2023 and bring in a great 2024.

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