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Keep your sales leads warm during the holidays with thoughtful
gift cards


Choose from 100's of brands like Starbucks, Target, Lowe's and more.

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Trusted by the world's top brands


How it Works

Send a gift card and a virtual greeting card

Pick a digital gift card

Choose from a selection of gift cards

provided by top US brands

Want to add an
American Greetings card?

Customize your virtual greeting card with a photo,

personal message

and your signature, just like a paper card


To complete your order, select a payment

method and enter your payment information

Your gift Is on the way

Your recipient will receive an email with the gift card link

to be used online or in-store


Why ProGifts Gift Cards?

  • Keep your pipeline hot & active this holiday season. Engage prospects with gift cards.

  • Meet and exceed revenue targets come January 2023.

  • Christmas gift cards are highly relevant & non-intrusive way of staying in touch with your prospects.

  • Thoughtful gift cards are a great way to establish rapport.

  • Send gift cards without having to create an account or sign in.

  • Choose from 100s of brands for your gift cards.

  • Talk to us if you want to add your company logo to the gift cards.

  • Complimentary American Greetings greeting cards for every gift card you send.

  • We power the gift card platforms of major greeting card companies.

  • Schedule your gift cards to go on the right day around the holidays, well in advance.


Need answers? Find them here

  • How Do eGift Cards Work?
    You can add an egift card to any ecard — it will show up as a clickable link within your greeting. Plus, gift receivers won’t have to worry about losing a physical gift card or forgetting to bring it along on a shopping trip. If they have access to their phone or the internet, then they can enjoy your egift card!
  • How Will I Know My eGift Card Was Received?
    You’ll receive a message that your egift card and virtual greeting card are on the way, plus a confirmation email. Your gift recipient will also receive an email letting them know that they’ve received a gift card and a virtual card or ecard from you, with links to pick up their gift and open their card.
  • How Do They Use an eGift Card?
    When your recipient opens their ecard and clicks on the link, the egift card will be displayed. If shopping online, they will type out the egift card number and pin during the checkout process. The amount of the gift will be deducted from the total purchase.
  • What Is the Cost of the Service?
    You pay only for the amount on the egift card. All greeting cards are 1.99$ in addition.
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